Apart from our interesting take on a wide range of English, Irish and Scottish dance tunes, the Doghouse Collective likes nothing better than to mix it up with our unique take on celtic-world fusion rhythms – here’s a couple of live tracks from the archive to give you a flavour featuring Claire (electric fiddle), Tony (guitar), Richard (mandolin/guitar) Alan (djembe), Darren (tabla), Lynn (timbale), Greg (whistles), Ben (sax) and Cormac (bass)

‘Lads of Laois’ (Trad) improvised groove
‘Mick’s Knitted Triplets’ (Jenny Wrigley) improvised groove

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Doghouse in song and performance mode, filmed at The Strummers Club in Cambridge with Richard (harp, mandolin, vocal), Andrew (cahon, percussion, vocal), Tony (guitar, mandola, vocal), Marie (bodhran, percussion), Tony M (whistles, flute)

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